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Dr. Rolf Gohm
Department of Mathematics
Aberystwyth University
Aberystwyth SY23 3BZ
Wales UK

Telephone UK: (0)1970-622751
Fax UK: (0)1970-622826
E-mail: rog at aber.ac.uk

Photograph of Dr Rolf Gohm

Research Interests

EPSRC-Research Grant EP/G039275/1:
Quantum Control: Approach based on Scattering Theory for Non-commutative Markov Chains and Multivariate Operator Theory (2009-2012)

WIMCS Mathematical Physics Cluster Workshop (2011)

Quantum Probabilistic Symmetries
2012 LMS Midlands Regional Meeting /Workshop

QYMRU workshop (2014)



Publications and Preprints