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All Wales & West Microbiology Meeting, Swansea

Cynhadledd Microbioleg Cymru/Gorllewin Lloegr, Prifysgol Abertawe

Swansea University, Thurs 13th - Fri 14th September 2012


Please note that the deadline for abstracts is 28th August 2012.

For further details please contact Geertje van Keulen at the Institute of Life Science, Swansea University.

Click here to see the programme of the inaugural PM-W meeting in 2011. For previous meetings at All-Wales Microbiology meetings at Gregynog (2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 or Plant Science Wales (2007 and 2009). The origins of these meetings back in the early 1970s are described here.

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Draft details of the programme are given below but for latest details, please click here.

Provisional Programme

(Download as Word file)

Thursday 13th September: ILS and Grove building

08.00-09.00        ILS Monthly Bio-breakfast, Hub ILS2  ‘From plants to products’ Professor Diane Kelly (BEACON at the ILS)
08.30-09.30        Registration Opens / Arrival and pickup abstract books and badges

09.35-09.45        Official Welcome (Hilary Lappin-Scott) and housekeeping issues (Tom Wilkinson)

09.45-10.30        David Leak (Bath), sponsored by BEACON
                             Novel pathways and enzymes for ethanol production in thermophiles

10.30-11.15        Richard Titball (Exeter)
                             Old and new toxins from Clostridium perfringens

11.15-11.45        Break and coffee

11.45-12.30        Eshwar Mahenthiralingam (Cardiff)
                             Burkholderia antibiotics: getting cures for infection from pathogenic bacteria

12.30-13.15        Introducing larger microbiology projects at Swansea University

12.30-12.45        Angharad P Davies
                             Collaborative studies with the UK Cryptosporidium Reference Unit

12.45-13.00        Sam Sheppard (Swansea / Oxford)
                              Bacterial population genomics: The limitations of species concepts

13.00-13.15        Martin Sheldon (Swansea)
                              Mechanisms of infection and immunity in the female genital tract - a tale of two bacterial toxins

13.15-15.15        Lunch and Themed posters (Themes to be decided upon receipt of abstracts)

15.15-16.00        Martina Lahmann (Bangor)
                             Title to be confirmed

16.00-16.15        MWG/Eurofinns

16.15-16.45                   Break, coffee with welsh platter

16.45-17.00                   Junior researcher presentation 1

17.15-17.30                   Junior researcher presentation 2

17.30-17.45                   Junior researcher presentation 3

17.45-18.00                   Junior researcher presentation 4


Friday 14th September: ILS and Grove building
9.00-9.20                   Arrival and pickup abstract books and badges
9.20-9.30                   Welcome and housekeeping issues
9.30-10.15                   Tom Humphrey (Liverpool)   Happy chickens are safer chickens: Campylobacter in broiler production
10.15-11.00                    Tim Davies (Green Biologics-Cambridge) Biobutanol production in thermophiles
11.00-11.30                   Break and coffee
11.30-12.15                   Howard Jenkinson (Bristol)                                        Ebb and flow in oral microbe-associated systemic infections
12.15-1.00                   Introducing larger microbiology projects at Swansea University
12.15-12.30                   Robin Shields/Shaun Richardson The EnAlgae project
12.30-12.45                   Miranda Whitten       Bacterial symbiont-mediated RNAi in a haematophagous insect
12.45-13.00                   Chris Wright (Centre for NanoHealth) title to be confirmed
 13.00-15.00                   Lunch and themed posters (Themes to be decided upon receipt of abstracts)
15.00-15.45                   Justin Pachebat (Aberystwyth)      Sequencing projects in Wales and beyond
15.45-16.00                   Junior researcher presentation 6
16.00-16.15                   Junior researcher presentation 7
16.15-16.30                   Junior researcher presentation 8
16.30-16.45                   Junior researcher presentation 9
16.45-16.00                   Junior researcher presentation 10
17.00-17.15                   Prizes, closing remarks and end of conference

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