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4th International

Palaeoflood Workshop

24-30 June 2007

Crete, Greece

Workshop Location

The workshop will be held in Crete, a large island in the Mediterranean Sea to the south of the Greek mainland.  Crete possesses spectacular scenery, including mountains over 2500 m in elevation, fault scarps and deep gorges, and a rich archaeological heritage dating from pre-historic and historical times.  The capital is Iraklion (Heraklion), located on the north central part of the island, and has an airport with good international connections.  The workshop is scheduled for Sunday 24 June-Saturday 30 June 2007 in order to avoid the main tourist season and to try and suit as many participants as possible from North America, Europe, and other parts of the world.

The technical sessions will be held at the MAICh Conference Center, located near Chania (Hania) on the northwest part of the island (http://www.maich.gr/conference/).  The post-workshop field trip will be based for two nights at Kastri/Keratokampou on the south central coast.  Delegates are advised to arrive and depart from Chania International Airport, where it is a short (15 minutes) taxi ride to the Conference Center.  Transfers can also be made from Heraklion (Irakleio) International Airport but it is a considerably longer (2-3 hours), although spectacular, taxi ride.

The workshop will include an evening ice-breaker and introductory talk, 2 full days of technical papers, a 1-day mid-workshop field excursion, a conference dinner, and an optional 3-day post-workshop field excursion.

The meeting will be held over 7 days. Days 1-4 (Sun-Wed) are the Workshop itself, with Days 5-7 (Thurs-Sat) the optional post-workshop field trip:


Day 1 (24/06/07) Arrival at Chania.  Ice breaker and introductory talk.

Day 2 (25/06/07) Technical sessions.

Day 3 (26/06/07) Mid-workshop field excursion to the Samaria Gorge.  Conference dinner.

Day 4 (27/06/07) Technical sessions.

Day 5 (28/06/07) Coach travel to Kastri/Keratakompou on the south coast, with stops to view upland basins, mountain scenery, gorges, and coastal fans.

Day 6 (29/06/07) Walk up the Anapodaris Gorge (located near to Kastri/Keratakompou).

Day 7 (30/06/07) Return coach travel to Chania via a different route, with stops to view gorges, inland basins, mountain and coastal scenery. Accommodation can be arranged in Chania for delegates wishing to stay overnight on 30/06/07 and depart on 01/07/07.


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