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4th International

Palaeoflood Workshop

24-30 June 2007

Crete, Greece

Workshop Themes


The conference is open to all researchers and practitioners interested in palaeoflood hydrology and will include oral and poster presentations.  In line with previous workshops, themes will include the following:

  • hydroclimatic controls of palaeofloods in different environmental settings (e.g. temperate, tropical, polar, dryland);

  • distinguishing characteristics of palaeofloods generated by different mechanisms (e.g. direct meteorological events, failure of natural or man-made dams, glacial outburst floods);

  • the impact of climate and land-use change on palaeoflood magnitude and frequency;

  • Pleistocene and Holocene geomorphic and sedimentary records of large or extreme palaeofloods, and the factors influencing their preservation potential;

  • river channel and catchment responses to large or extreme palaeofloods in different geomorphic contexts (e.g. upland vs. lowland, gorge vs. plain, bedrock vs. alluvial);

  • river channel and catchment ‘recovery’ following large or extreme palaeofloods;

  • methods and techniques of palaeoflood reconstruction;

  • use of palaeoflood hydrology in flood risk assessment;

  • palaeoflood hydrology and the archaeological record;

  • palaeoflood hydrology of caves;

  • palaeofloods in the geological record and on other planetary bodies.

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