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4th International

Palaeoflood Workshop

24-30 June 2007

Crete, Greece

Welcome to the Home Page

of the Workshop



THE WORKSHOP HAS NOW TAKEN PLACE.  Over 40 people from 11 different countries attended the workshop, helping to make this a truly international event.

This web site will remain live for the next few months and then will be amended with a selection of photos from the workshop.


The workshop will be held from Sunday 24 June 2007 to Saturday 30 June 2007 (inclusive).  Please see the 'Location' page for further details.

The aim of this workshop is to bring together researchers and practitioners interested in new methods, empirical datasets, conceptual models, and theoretical developments in palaeoflood hydrology. It will be an opportunity to take stock of recent developments in the field and to identify avenues for future research. 

The conference will not only promote interaction between researchers and practitioners working with palaeohydrological data, but will also enhance our knowledge of contemporary flood processes and the resulting morphological and sedimentary responses.

Please explore the site for further information. This will be updated in the coming months as further arrangements are made.  Alternatively, contact the workshop organisers: Paul Brewer, Mark Macklin, Stephen Tooth (University of Wales, Aberystwyth), and Jamie Woodward (The University of Manchester).

Details of our research interests can be found by following the relevant links at:

River Basin Dynamics and Hydrology Research Group, UWA

Geography, University of Manchester

 We gratefully acknowledge the support of the British Society for Geomorphology (incorporating the BGRG) in providing sponsorship for production of the conference packs.



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