T.W. Hard

American Patchwork

edited by Betty Keene Taska

T.W. Hard (1939-) is the pen name of Dr. Edward W. Hard, Jr., a surgeon who lives in California. Dr. Hard was born in Buffalo, New York. After graduating from Yale University, he went to medical school at Columbia University and received his medical degree in 1966. Under the name of T.W. Hard, he has published a number of short stories and a novel, S.U.M VII (1979).

American Patchwork: 196

Molokini is a suspense story, set in Hawaii, about a young Californian diver who is willing to risk his life for the riches available from deep diving for black coral.

Due to the small amount of biographical information available about T.W. Hard, the author page of this lesson, features a recent report on "The Killing of the Corals", which appeared in The Philippine Star newspaper on July 10th, 1999.


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