T.W. Hard

American Patchwork

edited by Betty Keene Taska

Have you ever seen this flag before?
It is the international symbol of scuba diving. If you see this flag at sea, it means that people are diving in that area.
Think about the questions below

You might like to discuss them in class. Use the article The Killing of the Corals to help you with some of the answers if you need to.

  • Have you ever been to the sea?
  • Have you ever been snorkeling or scuba-diving?
  • If not, have you been in a glass-bottomed boat?
  • What did you see underwater?
  • Did you see any coral?
  • What is coral?
  • Was the coral you’ve seen mostly dead or alive?
  • What causes coral to die?
  • What are some of the dangers of diving or snorkeling in the sea?
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