T.W. Hard

American Patchwork

edited by Betty Keene Taska

Summary: Write a short narrative summary of the story using the events from the previous exercises.

Use time adverbials such as later, a few days later, suddenly, soon, not long afterwards, etc. to help you retell the story.

Don’t repeat the subject ‘The Californian’ too many times; use ‘he’.

Suspense on Film: Write a list of suspenseful films you have seen. Try to identify some of the techniques the directors used to build suspense. Were any kinds of countdowns or build-ups of repeated actions used?

Posters: Go back to the article The Killing of the Corals and work in groups to come up with a list of solutions to save the coral reefs in your country. Make posters to illustrate your ideas and suggestions. You can also visit sites like Project AWARE to help with this task.

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