American Literary Classics: download page for study materials

All of the lessons in the first level of ELLSA: American Literary Classics can be found on this page in a printed document format available for downloading.

The documents have been separated into 5 individual lessons to save time when downloading. A large document takes a long time and may cause difficulties for the user.

Two formats are available for each lesson, PDF (Portable Document Format) and Microsoft Word. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view PDF files. The advantage of a PDF file is that it can be read by either Macintosh or PC computers, and it also retains all original formatting as set out by the designer of the page. Any diagrams, etc. will be the same as the author intended.

The Microsoft Word (7.0) version is for PC computers only.

Click on the links below to download the files you want.

PDF format (Mac or PC) (.pdf) or Word 7.0 format (PC only) (.doc)

The Green Door ••• ellsa_greendoor.pdf ••• ellsa_greendoor.doc

The Last Leaf ••• ellsa_lastleaf.pdf ••• ellsa_lastleaf.doc

The Open Boat ••• ellsa_openboat.pdf ••• ellsa_openboat.doc

To Build a Fire ••• ellsa_buildfire.pdf ••• ellsa_buildfire.doc

The Gift of the Magi ••• ellsa_giftofmagi.pdf ••• ellsa_giftofmagi.doc

O.Henry Biography ••• ellsa_obio.pdf ••• ellsa_obio.doc

Stephen Crane Biography ••• ellsa_cbio.pdf ••• ellsa_cbio.doc

Jack London Biography ••• ellsa_lbio.pdf ••• ellsa_lbio.doc

Teacher's guide to lessons ••• ellsa_tnote1.pdf ••• ellsa_tnote1.doc

Self study guide ••• ellsa_selfstudy1.pdf ••• ellsa_selfstudy1.doc

March 22, 2004

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