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I am a member of the Intelligent Robotics Group and the recently created Vision, Graphics and Visualisation Group of the Department of Computer Science, AU.

My research sits at the junction of Computer Graphics and Computer Vision and I draw from these two areas in my more recent projects.


One of my research activities concerned building continuous image representations in the context of special effects for cinema. I started this work as a Research Officer at the University of Bath, in the Department of Mathematical Sciences, when it contained what use to be the Computing Group, now the Department of Computer Science.

I have also recently been working on texture analysis and synthesis, in particular in the context of image completion. Papers can be found here and here.

Visual navigation for mobile robots

Another of my research activities is concerned with enabling mobile robots to visually navigate, that is using cameras as sensors using only the appearance of what is surrounding the robot. This includes building appearance-based topological maps of the robot's environments and appearance-based navigation. Find more here.

Object modelling

I previously worked, as a Ph.D. student in the Groupe de Recherche en Perception et Robotique, École Polytechnique de Montréal, on object modelling. Here is a link to a copy of my web page from that time. (The contact information mentioned there is now wrong. Please use the one mentioned on this page.)


Since one has to have them accessible, they can be found here for old ones and here for more recent ones.

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