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Welcome to the Colloquium for Equine Reproduction

Last updated: July 17, 2014

The aim of the CFER is to create a centre of gravity for a diverse range of mammalian/equine reproduction academics, horse breeders (from both from large and small commercial stud farms), veterinarians and students to create a synergistic network of contacts and collaborators and to facilitate structured discussion.

The CFER website has come about following the first successful one-day workshop titled ‘Colloquium for Equine Reproduction’. The event itself brought together prominent scientists within the field to present an overview of their current research, and in light of these talks, delegates were invited to contribute their opinions regarding the value of such research to them, and to make suggestions for potential study directions of real benefit to their breeding operations. Each presentation was followed by a question and answer session and a designated Discussion Forum towards the end of the programme enabled delegate input for identifying issues of importance to them.

Many delegates pointed out that the Colloquium was a great idea and that the good work should be continued. Therefore this website was born! The aims of the website are:

1) To provide a central point for researchers, vets, breeders, students and other allied commercial business to recognise each other, creating a network of contacts

2) To suggest new ideas for research studies that will be of real benefit to the equine breeder and veterinarian

3) To provide a forum for discussing the proposed research: identify who can help deliver (breeders may be able to provide horses for example); who would like to be involved; suggestions for refining any project proposals

4) A forum for communicating relevant news

5) Communicating updates of forthcoming, annual Colloquium for Equine Reproduction meetings

n.b. Should research project be instigated through the involvement of this website it is a legal requirement to conform to the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act. No invasive procedures can be performed without the appropriate Home Office Licenses in place

In association with:
The Institute of Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences, Aberystwyth University