O.Henry: The Green Door from The Gift of the Magi & other stories


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First line

Let us think about adventure


Last line

For Rudolf Steiner was a true follower of Romance and Adventure.



If you have already read the story, look at the first and last lines above and try to remember what adventure the character, Rudolf Steiner, finds behind the green door.


If you have not read the story yet, look at the first and last lines above, together with the title, "The Green Door". What kind of adventure do you think Rudolf Steiner will find when he opens the green door.


True or False?


"Rudolf Steiner was a true adventurer". This is how O. Henry describes his main character on Page 85 (paragraph 6).

Which of the following statements are true about Rudolf?

1. He tried to find different things to do every evening. True or false?

2. He liked staying at home. True or false?

3. He never got into trouble with the police. True or false?

4. He lost his money many times. True or false?

5. His watch was stolen one time. True or false?

Look at the statements again and make questions to ask about Rudolf. Here are some starters for you. If you can't think of a way of asking a question, click for suggestions.

How about you? Think about the questions and about Rudolf. Can you make some questions to ask your friends? Think about yourself too as your friends may have questions to ask you. Here are some sentence starters.

Do you ever...? ......Do you like...? ......Have you ever...? ......Have you ever had...?


Adjective Study: What kind of man is Rudolf Steiner?


Rudolf got into trouble with the police. Do you think he was a bad man?


pg 85, last par


pg 86, par 5 - 8


pg 86, par 1


pg 86, par 1; p87 par 8


pg 86, par 2


pg 88, par 3


pg 87, par 8


pg 86, par 1; pg 87 par 8


pg 89, last par


pg 88, par 3



Which of the adjectives listed on the right might describe Rudolf?

The page (pg) and paragraph (par) numbers refer to sections of the story you can check to help you decide.

Can you find other places in the story that support your choices?

Final questions


What do you believe Rudolf was really hoping to find behind "The Green Door?"

Which aspects of his character make you think that?

What would you like to find behind a strange door?

Which aspects of your character make you say that?


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contents ••• Title Page ••• synopsis ••• pre-story ••• in-story ••• exercises ••• follow-up