The Green Door
The Gift of the Magi & other stories
Story writing project: The 'X' Door

Write a short story about a colored door. You can follow ideas from The Green Door. Perhaps your door will be blue or purple. It's your choice... Make yourself the main character. What adventure or experience will you find behind your door?

Your story could be based on a true experience or the experience of a friend or member of your family. Think about these things as they may help you to work out the details of the elements of your story.


  1. Your title should read "The __________ Door" (put a color of your choice in the space).
  2. Use ten of the phrases from the collocation exercises you have done.
  3. Draw and color the door in your title for a cover.
  4. Place your stories around your class room for others to read.
  5. Read and compare other people's stories.
  6. Discuss how discoveries behind the doors reflect the stories' characters.
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