O.Henry: The Green Door from The Gift of the Magi & other stories


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Consider these questions

Do you like travel and adventure?

Do you like meeting people?

Are you interested in sports?

Do you prefer city life or country life?

Do you prefer to go out at night or during the day?

You've read a little about Rudolf Steiner. What kind of things do you think he would like?


A lot of people say you can tell an author's personality from the characters that he or she writes about. O. Henry created Rudolf Steiner.

In which ways do you think Rudolf is similar to O. Henry?

Think about the points mentioned in the next column.


O. Henry's jobs in a bank and his jobs working for a newspaper.

Rudolf's job in a music store.

Do you think they were confident people?

Do you think they were happy at work?

What did they want from life?


Are you an adventurous person?


Go back to the first question on this page...

Do you like adventure?

How did you answer? Below are some questions to help you decide...

1. You are planning a holiday to the US. Would you prefer to...

a) go alone?

b) go with a friend?

c) go on a group tour?

2. When you travel alone, do you...

a) like to make new friends?

b) get to know just a few people while you are traveling?

c) keep to yourself?

3. You are staying on an island in Florida. Which activity interests you the most?

a) scuba diving

b) collecting seashells

c) playing volleyball

4. While you are in Florida you find a bottle with a message inside. The message reads:

I put this bottle into the ocean hoping someone would find it, so I would know how far it had traveled. If you find it, please write or e-mail me.... Jane

Will you...

a) write to Jane?

b) keep the message, but probably never write?

c) throw the message and bottle away?

5. If you travel to the US, will you...

a) eat American food?

b) try to find Asian restaurants?

c) cook your own food?

6. You plan to study English for one month at an American school during your trip. Would you like to...

a) stay with an American family?

b) share a dorm room with students from other countries?

c) share a room with a student from your own country?

7. Would you ever marry someone from another country?

a) yes

b) maybe

c) don't know

8. You are walking down a New York side street. You pass by a shop with no signs or windows. The door is wide open. Would you...

a) walk straight in?

b) take a look in the door?

c) just walk by?


Answer Key


a) If most of your answers are (a), you are quite adventurous. You love travel, adventure and excitement. You are what O. Henry calls "a true adventurer".


b) If most of your answers are (b), or if your answers are evenly mixed, you enjoy traveling, but like to plan your trips carefully. You are curious, but not exactly adventurous. You are what O. Henry calls "a half-adventurer".


c) If most of your answers are (c), you are not so interested in adventure. You may prefer a comfortable home life or well planned holidays.

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contents ••• Title Page ••• synopsis ••• pre-story ••• in-story ••• exercises ••• follow-up ••• map of ELLSA