GOWS (Get On With Science)

GOWS is a schools engagement project, funded by the Welsh Government, aimed at supporting science education in schools. I am a "Science Champion" on this project, working mostly with Ysgol Bro Ddyfi in Machynlleth, and the feeder primary schools. My main contact in Bro Ddyfi is Tomi Rowlands, who teaches ICT there. We are concentrating on technology at the moment, working with the Raspberry Pi computer and the Scratch programming language.

Below you can find classroom resources we've put together as part of the GOWS (Get On With Science) project. We're trying to make these available in Welsh and English.


Other GOWS related links: Bro Ddyfi have a GOWS page here (in Welsh); We had a teacher visit to Aber uni, where I arranged for visits to various departments.