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Uses of DiagonalGaussian in Facemorph.psm

Methods in Facemorph.psm that return DiagonalGaussian
 DiagonalGaussian DiagonalGMM.getCluster(int i)
          Get the ith cluster

Methods in Facemorph.psm with parameters of type DiagonalGaussian
 void DiagonalGMM.add(DiagonalGaussian g)
 void DiagonalGMM.random(java.util.Random rand, DiagonalGaussian gauss)
          Initialises a bunch of random centres
 void DiagonalGMM.set(int i, DiagonalGaussian g, double w)
          sets the covariance, mean and weight of cluster i

Constructors in Facemorph.psm with parameters of type DiagonalGaussian
PSM(int start, BigMat mst, DiagonalGMM[] appGauss, DiagonalGaussian[] gauss, boolean[] visited, java.util.ArrayList<Filter> filters, Filter lowpass, int w, int h, int levs)
          PSM constructor
PSMNode(int start, BigMat mst, Feature appGauss, DiagonalGaussian[][] gauss, boolean[] visited, int w, int h)
          Contruct a PSMNode