Package Facemorph.psm

Interface Summary
Feature A generic PSM feature interface

Class Summary
DiagonalEMFeature DiagonalEMFeature implementation
DiagonalGaussian DiagonalGaussian model
DiagonalGaussianFeature Diagonal Gaussian PSM Feature implementation
DiagonalGMM A DiagonalGaussian mixture model
DiagonalGMMFeature Diagonal GMM Feature implementation
EMFeature An EM (Expetation Maximisation??) PSM Feature implmentation
ImagePair Simple container for an probability image and a point location image, for use with PSM feature detection
OESFFeature Feature based on Optimal exact synthetic filters
PatchFeature A feature realised as a Gaussian patch
PointImage Stores a set of 2D array of points 1 for every image pixel
PSM PSM implementation using steerable pyramids (doesn't work very well, the PSMNode class is preferred)
PSMNode PSMNode: an implementation of Pictorial Structure Models
SteerablePyramid Implementation of Steerable pyramid