Informal workshop on Foam mechanics, Grenoble, 21st - 27th January 2008

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Scientific interactions

To get to the Lab Spectrometrie Physique, Universite Joseph Fourier

To get to Grenoble

All trains, buses and airport shuttles arrive at Grenoble station, less than 30 minutes by tram from the lab.


Some links to hotels in Grenoble:


We intend to prepare/provide a (not compulsory) simple lunch in the lab for a nominal charge. If you want a hot meal at lunchtime, there are a few restaurants on the university campus (e.g. Le Pic' Aglou, 401 av. Bibliotheque; Magellan, 1180 av. Centrale; No Name, 35 rue Antoine Polotti). There are many restaurants in the city centre.

Prepare yourself

Questions to think about

We have tried to summarize and group the questions you asked. All cover the mechanics of liquid foams, even when it is not explicit. Categories are in alphabetic order to avoid any hierarchy; most cover experiments, simulations and theory together. Please correct our mistakes and feel free to add more topics. Note that some points may appear in more than one category. These questions are intended as a basis for common work and discussions (and possibly publications); but note also that one category instead covers suggestions of tutorials. We have also included questions raised at the Aberystwyth 2005 workshop on Foam Rheology In Two dimensions; and at the Dourdan 2007 "Foam GDR" meeting's round table on constitutive equations. Enjoy!


We expect that this workshop will faciliate the completion, continuation or initiation of many joint papers between two or more groups. In this case, we would be grateful if credit to the Grenoble "Foam mechanics" workshop could be included in the Acknowledgements.
We intend to make a summary of all public discussions available on the internet. Towards the end of the workshop, we will discuss the opportunity to turn this summary into a peer-reviewed publication. You can of course suggest other publications on paper or on the internet.

List of Participants

You can download the list of participants here (contact details, photo, research interests and skills). The attendance matrix is below. Please send corrections and updates (even for half-day attendance) to Simon Cox (email).

Adil MughalXXXX
Annie ColinXXXXX
Arnaud Saint-JalmespmXX
Benjamin DolletXXXXXXX
Catherine QuillietXXXXXXX
Cyprien GayXXXXXam
David RabaudXXXXXXX
Elhadji Mama GueneXXXXXXX
Florence EliasXXX
Francois GranerXXXXXXX
Francois MolinoXXXXX
Gareth MorrisXXX
Gilberto ThomasXXXXXXX
Gijs KatgertXXXXXXam
Gwennou CoupierXXXXX
Ibrahim CheddadiXXXXXXX
Isabelle BonnetXXXXX
Isabelle CantatXX
James WinterburnXXXXXXX
Jerome LambertXXXX
Joe BarryXXXam
Julie GoyonXXXXX
Marco MancinipmXXXX
Michael DenninXXXXXX
Nicolas RivierpmampmXX
Nikolai DenkovXXam
Pablo Brito-ParadaXXX
Philippe MarmottantampmXXXXX
Pierre RognonXXXXXXX
Pierre SaramitoXXXXXXX
Reine-Marie GuillermicpmXXam
Reinhard HohlerXX
Rita de AlmeidaXXXX
Sebastien CourtyXXXXX
Shirin AtaeiXXXXXXX
Simon CoxXXXXX
Sylvain BenitoXX
Sylvie Cohen-AddadX
Tudur DaviesXXXXX
Vincent LangloisXXXXX

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