Aberystwyth University

Institute of
Mathematics and Physics

Representations of Braid and Symmetric Groups
New Approaches

WIMCS Mathematical Physics Cluster Workshop

Aberystwyth, 2nd to 3rd May 2011

This workshop brings together experts from the representation theory of groups, operator algebras and noncommutative probability. Its aim is to explore possible new connections between these areas emerging from new approaches to the representation theory of braid and symmetric groups, including their combinatorial aspects.

    Grace Kennedy (Cardiff, UK)
    Vijay Kodiyalam (Chennai, India)
    Daan Krammer (Warwick, UK)
    Jennifer Maier (Cardiff, UK)
    Makato Yamashita (Cardiff, UK)

    Claus Köstler (E-mail: )
    Institute of Mathematics and Physics
    Aberystwyth University

This event is supported by the Wales Institute of Mathematical and Computational Sciences (WIMCS), the Marie Curie Research Training Network in Noncommutative Geometry (EU-NCG), the EPSRC Research Grant EP/G039275/1, and the UKIERI Research Collaboration Network in Quantum Probability, Noncommutative Geometry & Quantum Information.