Richard Jensen I’m a Lecturer in the Computer Science department at Aberystwyth University. Before this I was a Research Fellow at Aberystwyth, and a Ph.D student at the University of Edinburgh. My thesis can be found here, though a better resource is my book. A few details (and videos) concerning my current research can be found here.

I’ve been investigating the utility of a fuzzy-rough approach to the problem of feature selection. The resulting publications can be found in the Publications section. Other useful research-related things can be seen in the Visualizer, Weka, and Programs sections.

Currently, I’m looking into further applications of the fuzzy-rough techniques in data mining, such as instance selection, classifier learning, handling missing values, etc., as well as Swarm Intelligence-based approaches

At the moment, I’m teaching AI modules CSM6120 and CS26110, and have previously taught the Machine Learning module CSM6420 and the HCI module CS22310. I’m also the Undergraduate Admissions Tutor for Computer Science.

Richard Jensen