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My name is Natalie Roberts and I am the Outreach Officer for the Faculty of Business and Physical Sciences at Aberystwyth University. I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself and explain a little about what we have been doing to continue our outreach activities with the current lockdown restrictions.

You may already know that, before Covid-19, we offered free in-school and public workshops for any and all age groups, in the subjects of Maths, Physics and Computer Science. Now, we offer a wider range of workshops, with the inclusion of Business and Information Studies, virtually. The full menu can be viewed here:

Current Outreach Activities Menu (pdf)

We understand how stressful and difficult the last year has been for teachers, parents, and students alike. Therefore, we have started to make workshops and resources available direct to learners here.

As these are aimed at more independent learning, rather than classroom environments (virtual or real), we decided to adapt some of these materials into teacher resource packs and have made them freely available to teachers through TES (The Times Educational Supplement). You can find these resources in our TES Shop.

We are constantly developing new material and workshops. If you have a suggestion, query, or are looking for support on a specific subject/area, then please do not hesitate to contact me (

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We are re-locating our outreach website and taking the opportunity to make a few design changes in the process.