Christmas Animations in Scratch
Silouhette of santa's sleigh


Merry Christmas!

Festive Computer Science Activity

This is a fun-for-all activity to design seasonal animations using Scratch (available in browser or as a desktop application)

We already offer some online workshops for how to use Scratch:

Creating a Basic Space Game in Scratch

Paddle Ball in Scratch

Example Animations

You can click on any of the below images from our example Christmas animations to view them on the Scratch website. Once there, you also have the option to look inside - this will open up the Scratch code in your browser for that animation.

Snowman Scene by AberOutreach

A snowy landscape with a snowman gesturing to the phrase Merry Xmas!

Rudolph Wreath by handee20001:

A ring of Red-nosed reindeer

12 Days of Scratchmas by p-shaw

A parrot resting on a tree in a living room

12 Days of Christmas - Internet Edition by hem23

A ginger cat in a Santa hat surrounded by snowflakes

Share Your Design Here

Please share your designs with us by sending us either a copy of your Scratch file or a link to

We shall then upload them onto this page for others to view.