Analyst – specialist software for luminescence data

Analyst is a Windows based program designed to allow you to view, edit and analyse luminescence data collected using a Risø automated TL/OSL reader, though other instruments may also generate datafiles that are compatible. Analyst offers a range of facilities, including equivalent dose determination, calculation of fading rates, component fitting of OSL decay curves and various options for visualisation of data. Additionally, since it is impossible for any analytical program to cater for every possibility it allows you to export the data in a variety of formats so that it can be transferred to other programs, including spreadsheets.

The basic file structure used by Analyst is the BINX file. This program has been designed to operate in conjunction with the Sequence Editor programme supplied by Risø for running the latest generation of automated TL/OSL readers. Older versions of this software created BIN files, and these are compatible for this version of Analyst, but not all of the features described here are available with BIN files.

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November 2018 - v4.57

Output from an R script running within Analyst. The minimum age model is run and an Abanico plot created.

October 2017 - v4.53

Version 4.53 allows users to integrate the R language within Analyst, allowing users flexibility in how they analyse their dose distributions.

February 2016 - v4.31.9

Version 4.31.9 of Analyst provides support for the latest BINX file format (version 8) that is used by the Sequence Editor and which includes data for the DASH automated filter and detector changer.

May 2015 - v4.31.7


Analyst is free to download and use, but users may like to include a reference to one of the two publications listed below if they use the package for data processing that is published.


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