Aberystwyth University
Department of
Mathematics & Physics

Classifying Structures for Operator Algebras and Dynamical Systems

16th to 20th September 2013

2013 WIMCS-LMS Conference


Aims & Topics

The aims of the conference include:

  • to gather international researchers to disseminate their latest findings across the broad range of research of relevance to the themes of the conference (as outlined below);
  • to encourage the development of new international projects, initiatives and collaborations;
  • to introduce those entering the field, including early career researchers and postgraduate students from the UK and beyond, to the cutting-edge of research and provide an opportunity for them to present their research to an international audience of experts.

During the course of the conference, the following areas will be explored:

  • classification of operator algebras, statistical mechanical models and dynamical systems via graphs;
  • classification of C*-algebras and dynamical systems via K-theoretic invariants;
  • characterising and identifying classifiable C*-algebras; and
  • the interplay between number theory, operator algebras and dynamical systems.
  • Gwion Evans (E-mail: )
    Department of Mathematics and Physics
    Physical Sciences Building, Penglais Campus
    Aberystwyth University
    Aberystwyth SY23 3BZ


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