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Dr Bernie Tiddeman

Research interests

My research encompasses computer vision and computer graphics. Much of my previous work has been in the area of synthesis and analysis of facial images, for applications in psychology and medicine. This has included face texture prototyping and transformation, analysis and synthesis of dynamic face image sequences and improved facial age transformation. Current projects include tracking and identification of animals in video of the sea bed, automatic reconstruction 3D models of heritage sites from images, texture analysis of facial normal maps, emotion detection using thermal and visible video data, evolution of artificial neural networks for vision problems and averaging and transforming speech audio.



Some of my recent research collaborators:


The software linked below is free to use for non-commercial / research purposes:

Funding and Projects

Below are some recently funded projects:

2014-2015 AHRC Co-Production of alternative views of lost heritage, AH/L007916/1, (joint with Bangor and Manchester Met. Universities and Gwynedd Archeological Trust), £156K FEC Aberystwyth.
This project uses community input of image data combined with photogrammetry techniques and unique visualisation tools to enable (crowd sourced) co-production of heritage data.

2013-2014 Automated analysis of seabed video for the detection of fauna.
KESS funded MPhil Project in collaboration with Friends of Cardigan Bay, £19K

2013-2014 AHRC Alternative Views on the Lost Heritage of Gwynedd, AH/K006401/1, (joint with Bangor University and Gwynedd Archaeological Trust), £80K
This project aims to use archival photographic images to recreate the threedimensionality of lost heritage assets.

2012-2015 Unilever Research US, Automated analysis and synthesis of skin health from light-stage data. PhD Studentship £53K
Developing software and algorithms for the analysis of skin health parameters from data acquired with a photometric light stage, developed in collaboration with the University of York.

2011-2013 ESRC A 3d psychological face database and tools, ES/J010081/1, (joint with University of Stirling), £67K.
Improving our 3D facial research software with a new plug-in architecture and support for enhanced visualisations. Stirling's role was to collect a new face database.


This year I will be teaching:

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