Political Culture in Three Spheres

Byzantium, Islam, and the West

c. 711 – c. 1453




1-3 July 2008



Catherine Holmes (Oxford)         Jonathan Shepard (Oxford)

Jo van Steenbergen (Ghent)        Björn Weiler (Aberystwyth)


Participants include:

Stephen Humphreys (UC Santa Barbara), Patricia Crone (Princeton), Eric Hanne (Florida AU), Andrew Marsham (Manchester), Alex Metcalfe (Lancaster), Jenny Oesterle (Bochum), Angus Stewart (St Andrews); Alexander Beihammer (Cyprus), Judith Gilliland (Oxford), Judith Herrin (London), Greg Landels (Birmingham), Claudia Ludwig (Berlin), Rosemary Morris (York), Ida Toth (Oxford); Nora Berend (Cambridge),Tom Brown (Edinburgh), Bernard Gowers (Oxford), Ármann Jakobsson (Réykjavik), Leidulf Melve (Bergen), Daniel Power (Swansea), John Ott (Portland), Len Scales (Durham)


Old College, Council Chamber, King’s Road Aberystwyth


With generous financial support from


The Department of History & Welsh History




The Aberystwyth University Research Fund

This meeting emerges out of a series of sessions held at the Leeds International Medieval Congress since 2004, and is aimed at exploring commonalities and differences in the theory and practice of politics between the medieval cultures surrounding a Mediterranean broadly defined as including Northern Europe, Rus, as well as Persia. It will adopt a workshop like structure, centring on a series of questions. These, in turn, are meant to help elaborate further (and, if required, amend, revise etc.), a working definition of political culture.

There will be no conference fees, and participants will have to arrange their own accommodation. We will book local restaurants, but at the expense of participants.

To arrange for meals, the organisers would appreciate if those intending to participate could send a registration form, either by e-mail or post. A preliminary programme is now available.

For further enquiries please contact Björn Weiler

Last updated: 26 June 2008