Political Culture in Three Spheres

Byzantium, Islam, and the West

c. 711 – c. 1453





The Glengower Hotel (3 Victoria Terrace, 01970-626191 - c. £35 ppn), the Marine Hotel (c. £45), the Richmond Hotel ( c. £40) and the Bellevue Royal Hotel ( c. £55) are all located on the seafront (Marine Terrace), within easy walking distance of Old College (the conference venue), and about 5 minutes from the railway station.

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Getting to Aberystwyth


The easiest way to come will be by train. There is a direct line from Birmingham New Street to Aberystwyth (2 hrs 40 mins). That line also connects to the London train (departing from Euston, c. 1 hr 30 mins). Leave yourself ample of time at Birmingham New Street: the train company sometimes cancels the Birmingham connection, and lets the train depart from Wolverhampton instead (trains take about 15 minutes from Birmingham). Should you miss your connection in Birmingham, you could head on to Shrewsbury (which, in any case, is on the line to Aberystwyth): the abbey church is worth a visit (and 5 mins. walk from the station). The train normally splits at Machynlleth: ask the conductor to make sure you are in a carriage heading on to Aberystwyth (otherwise you may end up in some rather picturesque villages, but with no easy way to get to Aber). By the way: from Shrewsbury onwards you will travel through stunningly beautiful countryside.

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If you like driving on small country lanes, there are several of those leading to Aberystwyth.

Detailed directions can be accessed here.


For those of you coming from abroad: the nearest airports are Manchester (from where it will take about 4 hrs by train to Aberystwyth – normally changing at Crewe and/or Shrewsbury) and Birmingham (don’t hang around at the airport: head on to Birmingham New Street station – c. 15 mins); London to Aberystwyth will take 5 hrs, plus whatever time you need to get to Euston Station (the Piccadilly underground [tube] line goes directly from Heathrow to King’s Cross, and will take c. 40 mins – 1 hr: Euston is 5-10 minutes walk from King’s Cross [along the main road, past the Eurostar terminal at St Pancras and the British Library on your right]). Bristol has recently expanded its airport, and may offer cheaper connections (trains from Bristol take about 4 hrs). Do not fly to Cardiff: there is no direct north-south rail link in Wales, and you would have to go back to England (Shrewsbury) before getting onto the Birmingham-Aberystwyth line (so, about 6 hrs). Unless you hire a car (3 hrs) or take the bus (4 hrs).

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