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“Colour coded topography overlaid on an Apollo photograph of the Moon –

note if you view this image from a distance you may get a hint of a 3D effect




Research Interests:


My research interests in the Institute of Physical and Mathematical Sciences involves the application of computer algorithms and IT to several areas in space/astronomy applications, in particular:


1) Automated digital planetary cartography e.g. feature recognition and Lunar and Mercury DEMs

2) Innovative close range 3D surface measurement techniques for planetary landers

3) Close range remote sensing using Robotic telescopes

4) Wave height measurement using robotic telescopes

5) Imaging and Tracking of Objects at Sea

6) Lunar impact flash monitoring

7) Moon Zoo

8) Transient Lunar Phenomena







1)      Foundation year PH05010: “Laboratory Physics 1”

2)      1st year MP12910: “Careers Planning and Skills Development”

3)      1st year PH19510: “Chaos, Communication & Consciousness”

4)      2nd year PH28510: “The Planets”

5)      3rd year PH34610: “Galaxies”

6)      Various 3rd & 4th year Bsc Projects


          Lecture and course notes for all the above modules can be found on Blackboard




Recent Books I Have Authored/Contributed To:


1)      The Hatfield Lunar Atlas – A Digitally Remastered Edition

2)      The Hatfield SCT Lunar Atlas – A Digitally Remastered Edition

3)      Anomalies Lunaires - Une Ètude Photographique Sur Les Conspirations Et Canulars Lunaires





Asteroid “Tonycook”:


On May 21st, 2016, I was honoured to discover that I had had a minor planet, No. 95928, named after me for amateur astronomy ourtreach work that I do with the ALPO and BAA Lunar Sections, and also for some planetary topographic mapping of the Moon and mercury that I worked on at the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum.






Contact details


Address:                                 Department of Physics


Aberystwyth University



Ceredigion SY23 3BZ





Email:                                      a t c @ a b e r . a c . uk



Tel. (UK):                                01970 622754

Tel. (International):              +44 1970 622754


My Office:                               Room 316



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