I grew up in Scotland in a place called Kilmarnock and attended a Baptist church there throughout my youth. My parents took me along and I believed that God existed but nothing more than that. I enjoyed going there, but it was really just an opportunity to see people and hang out with my friends.

It was during an evening service one sunday when I was 7 years old that everything really clicked for the first time. I’d heard the gospel many times but that evening it became real and personal. The speaker made it clear (even to a 7 year old!) that Jesus was real and had died for my sin. I remember going to bed that evening and crying – I knew I wasn’t right with God. And I knew what I had to do – I asked Him to forgive me for my sin and I believed in Jesus. The next morning I was changed and I knew it! And I’ve been changed ever since.

For those of you who are skeptical about these things, I hope you’ll look into it. An explanation of the gospel (how to know God) can be found here. We try to fill our lives with so much stuff, never satisfied, when all we need is to know Jesus. Testimonies such as my own are not rare – many hundreds of thousands of people have come to know personally the God of the Bible, the one true God, throughout the centuries. And we can’t all be crazy…

He’s changed people from all walks of life. He’s changed me. He can change you.