.Two kinds by Amy Tan

a selection from being people an anthology, edited by Thomas Kral

  1. Do you think it is fairly common that some mothers create resentment in their children by trying to do things they feel are in their childrens' best interests? Can you think of any examples?
  2. Have you ever had an experience as embarrassing as Jing Mei's piano recital? Have you ever been asked to, forced to, or encouraged to try to do something that you just could not do?
  3. Do you believe people grow up with certain personality traits that can't be changed?
Role play
Rehearse these scenarios with a friend and then present them in front of the class or write them up as dialogs.
  1. A parent tries to convince a child that studying a foreign language (or medicine or business) will open doors in the future.
  2. A parent tries to convince his or her daughter that a woman's place is in the home and she should not bother with getting an education because she won't need it.
  3. A mother and father discuss what they would like their son or daughter to do in the future.
  1. How does Amy Tan use simile and metaphor in "Two Kinds" to make her descriptions vivid? Write a short essay on her use of imagery.
  2. Write a short descriptive passage making use of the kinds of similes that Amy Tan uses in "Two Kinds."
  3. Write a short essay on some things you would like to thank your parents for. Be sure to include at least one anecdote.
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