The Last Leaf
The Gift of the Magi & other stories

How many seasons are there in your country?

What are they?

What time of year do they occur?

Which season do you like best?

In which season is it easiest to fall ill?

...and Settings

The Last Leaf takes place in New York City, the largest city in America. The location of the story is a small part of New York known as Greenwich Village (pronounced "grennitch", not "green-witch").

Have you ever been to New York City?

Have any of your family or friends been there?

Did they like it there?

How many seasons does New York have?

Do you know another common name for Autumn? Why do you suppose Autumn has its other name?

Setting is an important element in any short story, and it is particularly important in The Last Leaf.

What are the two main parts of a story's setting?

T______ & P______

We can think of these aspects in terms of "where the story takes place" and "when the story takes place".

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