The Last Leaf
The Gift of the Magi & other stories
Writing exercises

a) A Rainy Season Setting

Write a one page composition describing the following place and time: your home during the rainy season. Think of some of the sounds, smells and sights inside and outside your house, both during the day and during the night.

Think of some of the real situations you have had to face. Alternatively, you could use some experiences that friends or family have had and still use them with you as the main character.

b) A Sacrifice

A sacrifice is the act of giving up something, or not having something or doing something yourself, to help somebody else. We saw how Mr Behrman gave his life to help Johnsy in The Last Leaf. He made the greatest sacrifice anybody could make.

But sacrifices are not always as great as Mr Behrman's. We make small sacrifices almost every day. How about you? What is the greatest sacrifice you have ever made for your family or friends? An example of this may be when you have stayed at home to help your family instead of going out with friends.

Write a short story about something you decided not to do, so that you could help somebody else.

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