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Freezing to Death
In what order does the Newcomer freeze to death?

Rearrange the following details from the story.

  1. He notices that his feet are numb.
  2. He wishes he had worn a nose guard to keep his nose warm.
  3. The man sees his spit (water from his mouth) freeze in the air.
  4. He takes a mitten off to eat his lunch and his hand goes numb very quickly.
  5. He starts to feel sleepy.
  6. His toes and nose actually start to freeze.
  7. He dies.
  8. Tobacco juice freezes on his lips.
  9. He begins to feel warm.
Rewriting the story in sequence

Now, use the lines above to write a short narrative paragraph which tells how the man froze to death step-by-step. Use the following narrative sequencers to help keep the story together. You may use some of them more than once (next, than, after that).




After that...


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