To Build a Fire.
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The Cold
As residents of South East Asia, many of you who read To Build a Fire by Jack London have never seen snow except in photographs or on television. Many of you have never experienced weather that is cold enough for it to snow. But you still have some sense of what it means to be cold.

First, think of some cold things that you know about. Try and think of ten things and their names in English.

Next, try to remember the time in your life when you were the coldest.

An early morning shower in the cool season?

A windy time after a swim?

Maybe you got wet in a rainstorm and had to go inside an air-conditioned building?

A holiday in a cold country?

Do you like fires?

Do you like to build fires?

Suppose you are camping and it is getting cold at night. You should build a fire.

How do you build a good fire?

Think about a sequence of 5 simple steps to make a nice warm fire that will burn all night.

Write them down using these sequencers.

1. First, you should...

2. Next, you should...

3. After that, you need to...

4. Then, you...

5. Finally...

Compare your instructions with someone else.

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