Package Facemorph.psychomorph.batchable

Class Summary
BatchCategoriseImage Simple batchable to assign a set of image to groups, recorded in a text file
BatchChimericTransform Chimeric transform implementation
BatchColourCalibrate Colour calibration implementation Reads calibration chart data from file.
BatchCorrectMouth Batch corrects the mouth in the "standard" template, by checking if the top -lip is below the bottom lip points and swapping if needed
BatchCorrectTemplate Allows the user to edit a bacth of templates one after the other to make small corrections
BatchExtraPoints Implements adding extra points to the "old" standard template in the style of Ben and Lisa (mostly around the neck, nose and ears) The points should be correct afterwards.
BatchSymmetrise Batch symmetriser
BatchVectorise Loop over the images and templates in a batch file and vectorise them into a matrix to be saved as a csv file (or a matlab file)
MultiDisplay Simple class to display a grid of images (used to make an image for a recent paper)