Package Facemorph.mdl

Interface Summary
SpecificityTest<T> Generic specificity testing interface

Class Summary
GLGroupwiseImageRegistration Open GL groupwise registration implementation
GroupwiseImageRegistration Groupwise image registration using Powell's method
GroupwiseImageRegistrationFile Groupwise image registration using Powell's method
GroupwiseImageRegistrationLinear Linear Groupwise registration class
ImageErrorTest Test the difference between images
KdTree KdTree implementation
KdTreeEdgePoint KdTreeEdgePoint
KdTreePoint KdTreePoint
MDL2D Attempt at minimum description length based alignment
multiEdgeMDL Multi edge MDL implementation
multiScaleEdgeMDL In memory multiscale edge alignment
multiScaleEdgeMDLFile Multiscale edge minimum description length
SpecificityCombinedTest Specificity tester for combined shape + appearance models
SpecificityCombinedTestFile Combined shape and colour specificity model testing
SpecificityImageTest Spcificity test for image (only) model
SpecificityTemplateTest Template specificity testing
TemplateErrorTest Calculates the errors between two sets of Templates (one usually the ground truth)
TemplatePatchMDL Template patch groupwise alignment (experimental)