Package Facemorph.haar

Interface Summary
CascadeListener Listener for animating the Haar wavelet search

Class Summary
BufferedImg A floating point image class
Colour A double precisiong RGB colour class
DisjointSets A disjoint sets ADT.
EyeFinder Some kind of experimental eye detector (i.e.
Face Essentially a square with a certain scale and location
Feature A set of rectangles
FeatureFinder Experimental method for finding features, I suppose
HaarCascade The HaarCascade is essentially a list of HaarStages.
HaarDemo Haar demo in a frame
HaarDemoApplet Applet that demonstrates Haar cascade face and eye finding
HaarFinder Another Haar detection demo
HaarReader Reads a Haar Cascade xml file into a list of HaarStages
HaarStage Represents one stage of the haar classifier
HaarTracker Sample program to test the Haar based tracking.
HaarTrackerEffect JMF effect based on har object detector
Rect A rectangle with a weight
SAT Summed area table
Tree Tree node in the haar cascade