Package Facemorph.Stats

Interface Summary
DataReducer This class maps a higher dimensional vector to a lower dimensional vector (and vice-versa) @Note there is not requirement for the mapping to be exactly invertable i.e.
ImageDataHandler A interface for regression and factor analysis classes than can handle image data.
StatisticalModel A base class for statistical models

Class Summary
BinaryLogisticRegression Implementation of Binary Logistic Regression using iteratively-reweigthed least squares algorithm.
CrossValidation Carries out the desired cross-validation technique on the regression data
DataMiner Takes in a set of dependenent and independent variables and generates a model to fit the data
DataReducer.DataReducerInformation Contains information about the implementation of the DataReducer class that can be used to determine the classes abilities at run-time.
DifferenceOfAverages Technically similar to a linear regressor, DifferenceOfAverages describes a function as a line connecting two points Distances along the line a scaled such that point 1 is considered to be the 0.0 point and point 2 the 1.0 point
Functions A set of static statistical funtcions
ICA Independent Component Analysis
ImagePLS Implements an iterative version of PLS based on the method by Milidi and Reteria, "DPLS and PPLS: two PLS algorithms got large data sets." Computation Statisitics and Data Analysis vol.48 pp125-138 (2005)
Initialise Initialise the Stats pluggin
Model Loads, processes and regresses two sets of data.
ModelInformation Basic information about a statistical model
ModelResults A system for querying a model to get details of it's components As most models are linear, consisting of a either matrix multiplication, or multiplication by a vector of weights the output is a list of named vectors
PCAReducer Basically a wrapper for the PCA class of BPT
sPLSSVD From 'A Sparse PLS for Variable Selection when Integrating Omics data' Le Cao Rossouw Robet-Granie Besse
sPLSSVD_DWH A version of Le Cao's algorithm modified to be sparse on the patches not on patch

Exception Summary
Regressor.RegressorException Writes this Template to file (via a PrintStream)