Molten salts electrolysis has been widely accepted as an affordable and environment friendly technique in the production of titanium and its alloys. Following the success of the meetings in Germany, Norway and the UK, the 4th International Round Table on Titanium Production in Molten Salts will be held in Shanghai, China during November 03-07. It will provide a unique opportunity to researchers from academia and industry around the world to discuss the states of the field and exchange scientific ideas, in particular, to promote the application of the molten salt electrolysis technique in titanium industry.


  • • Key-note on the Innovation in molten salt electrolysis
  • • The state of titanium production by electrolysis in molten salts
  • • Fundamentals of Ti-molten salt electrolysis
  • • Titanium alloys production by molten salt electrolysis
  • • Industrial requirements on a titanium sponge substitute
  • • Characteristics and properties of molten salts
  • • Industrial impact of electrochemical deposited Titanium
  • • Molten salt electrolysis for production and processing of other structural and functional metals and alloys
  • • Prospects of room temperature molten salts (ionic liquids) for production and processing metals.