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Solar prominences put on strange and beautiful show in the Sun's sky
The superb spatial and temporal resolution of Solar Dynamic Observatory (SDO) allows us to observe the solar atmosphere in great detail. Using the Atmospheric Imaging Assembly (AIA) on board SDO, we are able to find various spectacular motions of material at solar prominences and the coronal cavities above them. The images and animated movies shown here are for four events observed in the past three years and a study of the events were presented in the National Astronomy Meeting 2013 and submitted for publication in the Astrophysical Journal by us (Dr. Xing Li, Dr. Mr. Jeff Smith) .

Here are images of these beautiful events observed at several EUV channels of AIA:

Persistent horizontal prominence motion image Persistent horizontal prominence motion animation

Jet strikes top of a prominence image Jet strikes top of a prominence animation

Giant rotational disk image Giant rotational disk animation

Fast counter-streaming image Fast counter-streaming animation