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Regular three-dimensional bubble clusters: shape, packing and growth-rate

by S.J. Cox and F. Graner.

Phys. Rev. E 69:031409 (2004).

Summary of surface area, line-length and growth-rate data

Vc/V = 0.5 Vc/V = 1 Vc/V = 2 Vc/V = 3 Vc/V = 5
Note that the growth rate is obtained by halving minus the value in column 3.

Individual face data

Gzipped tar files for each volume ratio:
Vc/V = 0.5 Vc/V = 1 Vc/V = 2 Vc/V = 3 Vc/V = 5

Assorted images

Gzipped tar files for all F for a volume ratio of Vc/V = 1:
The whole cluster in colour Coloured central bubbles Black and white central bubbles
Examples for F=31:

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