These notes originate from a workshop I used to teach as part of year-3 lab for MPhys students. This doesn't exist any more, and the content has been subsumbed in a number of other lectures and lab modules. I've decided to leave these notes online as a summary of Fourier transforms.

Second-year maths touches on Fourier series and transformations, but given that the technique is so widespread and important in experimental physics, we need to expand on this further. This workshop is a three-day block course which reiterates the maths behind the Fourier transform, shows the implications for physics applications arising from the fact that measured data sets aren't continuous functions, and looks at the way Fourier transforms are implemented in computing.

Contents of the workshop

Please note that theses notes are meant to help you revise. However, I may include additional material in the workshops or not cover all of the material listed here.

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