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These notes originate from my half of our second-year mathematical physics lecture. I no longer teach this module, so local students may wish to consult Edwin Flikkema's and Maire Gorman's notes in the first instance. However, I like to think these pages may be helpful in perhaps giving another angle on the same material, so I've decided to leave them online.

Officially branded "Mathematical Physics", which is slightly misleading, this lecture and workshop module builds on the introductory Maths modules in Year-1 of both the Physics and Maths degree schemes. The aim is to introduce physicists to some of the slightly more complex mathematical concepts needed when doing physics at a professional level and to show mathematicians some applications of their trade. The module comprises two lectures and a two-hour workshop each week.

Contents of my part of the module

These notes are meant to help you revise. However, I may include additional material in the lectures or not cover all of the material listed here.


We recommend you use the solution sheets after having a go at the problems and discussing them with fellow students and staff during the workshop. There is also a toolbox sheet for revision.

Further reading

I find Mary L Boas's book, Mathematical Methods in the Physical Sciences, New York: Wiley, 21983 very useful. Many of the examples used in the workshops are based on it. There are a few copies of various vintages in the Physical Sciences Library.