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Metabomeetings are a UK-based forum for metabolomics discussion. They began with plans for a seminar to be given by Aberystwyth personnel at the EBI. That meeting mushroomed and attracted other speakers and external delegates. It was styled "Metabomeeting 0" agreed that other meetings would be held. These grow each time, reflecting continuing success.

Details of Meetings
Meeting Venue Date Website Report
Metabomeeting 0 EBI 7th March, 2005 View
Metabomeeting 1 Fitzwilliam College/Dept Biochemistry, University of Cambridge 18th-19th July, 2005 View View
Metabomeeting 2 Kings College Cambridge 9th-10th January 2006 View
Metabomeeting 3 Imperial College London. 18th-19th December 2006 View