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Metabolomic Technology Applications for Plants, Health and Outreach

META-PHOR is an EU Framework VI project which began in October 2006. In involves 22 collaborators from academia and industry. the overall objective is as follows:

META-PHOR will bring together key European players with proven track-records in plant metabolic profiling, analytical chemistry, plant biology and human nutrition, in a focused, coordinated initiative to develop a high throughput metabolite-based phenotyping platform appropriate for the targeted improvement of plant breeding, engineering and processing strategies aimed at a more varied range of food products with enhanced nutritional quality.

A brief description in a wider context is available as a temporary introduction to the project.

There are 6 work packages. Work package 4 is co-ordinated by Nigel Hardy at Aberystwyth.

There is a restricted website to co-ordinate the project at Aberystwyth.