Robot Wars

Series 4

I was asked to become a judge on Robot Wars for the 4th series. Filming took place over 8 days in early August. The atmosphere was good, although the days were long for everyone. The roboteers were great - they spent a lot of time and effort on their robots and there was a lot of sharing of kit and parts backstage. Several people put more effort into other people's robot's than their own!

The audience were great and didn't hassle us too much :-) (we were seated right in front of one section). One one main comment is one which most people make - the robots are so much bigger in real life than on the telly!

A lot of credit should go to the production crew for the smooth running and safety of the show. Thanks to Chris for letting me play with Deadmetal and Sir Killalot, and thanks to Alistair for the sticky bun service!

Series 5

One year on, and back for series 5. Filming took place at the end of August at Elstree studios. A lot of very exciting battles, and a lot of people walking around saying "That's the best battle I've seen" only to find that the next battle was even better!

Again, thanks to the house roboteers, the contestant roboteers and crew for letting me wander round and satisfy my curiosity on many things! Keep up the good work.

Photos from the set:

  1. Series 4
  2. Series 5