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Reviews of Mark's books:

Spaces of Sustainability (Routledge, 2006):

'Whitehead has envisioned Spaces of Sustainability as an introduction to the key debates and philosophical principles surrounding sustainable development and, in this regard, he succeeds admirably. In a concise fashion, he provides the reader with a well-informed and eminently readable overview of the key debates, theories and philosophical concepts, and policy initiatives in the realm of sustainable development. Furthermore, throughout the book he synthesizes a diverse collection of literature from both academia and the mass media and provides an eclectic and interesting array of real-world case studies drawn from a host of more and less developed countries [...] As a consequence, Spaces of Sustainability will serve as a valuable introduction for upper-level undergraduate students in geography, planning, public policy, and other social science disciplines in a wide variety of geographic settings' James, J. Biles, Indiana University, Growth and Development (November 2007)

'This book is about ideas and approaches to sustainability [...] it is an excellent introduction to the topic for geographers' - Ian Gordon, University of Manchester Geography (Journal) 2007.




New Horizons in British Urban Policy (Ashgate 2004):

Known reviews - Allan Cochrane (Open University) European Urban and Regional Studies 2006 13(2) pp. 186-187; Rob Atkinson (University of the West of England) Housing Studies 2005 20(3) pp521-529; Alan Murie Housing and the Built Environment 2005. Click here for more details.

‘…Providing a clear and comprehensive guide to the complex range of urban initiatives introduced by New Labour since it came to power, this volume unpacks the key elements of both the policy rhetoric and material impact of the Blair government's urban programme…Full of critical insights into the nature, content and impact of the New Labour project on urban Britain this book will be of major interest and relevance to all researchers and practitioners working on urban issues. It is, quite simply, the most sophisticated, relevant and up-to-date examination of urban policy in Britain currently available.’
Dr Nick Fyfe, University of Dundee, UK

‘This is an important, thought-provoking and often challenging collection. It very effectively reviews the nature of contemporary urban policy but it goes far beyond simple description…The analysis is deeply informed by new and exciting ways of understanding the city and its future. And it is this combination that makes the book such a fascinating read for all who are interested in the future of Britain’s cities.’
Professor Allan Cochrane, The Open University, UK

‘…a series of stimulating, thought-provoking and insightful chapters…this book represents a welcome addition to the literature on British urban policy, providing readers with a judicious mixture of general overview chapters supported by case studies and theme chapters that illustrate recent developments.’ Housing Studies

‘...offers a stimulating and challenging series of perspectives...a useful contribution to the literature.’ Journal of Housing and the Built Environment

‘It does not only provide an accessible overview of a variety of [New Labour’s] urban policy initiatives but equally presents innovative ways of conceptualizing and theorizing urban policy, identifies pitfalls of NL’s approach and suggest[s] interesting strategies for reinvigorating emancipatory policies and making the process of urban renaissance more inclusive…of major interest and relevance not just to British, but to all researchers and practitioners working on the field of urban policies.’ European Spatial Research and Policy