Graduate Students         ••••   

Mark supervises a range of research projects on issues of sustainable development, political philosophy and geography.

· Anna Bullen 'The geographies of sustainable citizenship and the new spaces of socio-environmental participation' (Defended January 2009) [Now working as sustainable development outreach officer]

· Julie MacLeavy ‘Gender, employment and Labour’s New Deal’  (Defended 2006) [Now a lecturer in Geography at University of Bristol]

· Kelvin Mason ‘The new technologies of ecological citizenship’ (Defended, 2009) [Now a Tutor at the Centre for Alternative Technology]

· Ruth Stevenson 'Devolution and the institutionalization of sustainable development' (Defended September 2007) [Now a Tutor at the Centre for Alternative Technology].

· Chris Yeomans 'Governance Transitions in the Post-Socialist World: a Case Study of Berlin’ (Defended October 2007).

· Sophie Wynne-Jones 'Performing wilderness' (Defended November 2010) [Lecturer Aberystwyth University]

· Mark Welsh 'Nature and the Postcolonial State in Malawi' (Defended January 2011).

· Julie Van Kemenade 'Food as life and death: the political ideologies of alternative food networks'

· James Robinson 'Camouflage and the British Landscape'

·Chandra Bhushan Kumar 'Environmental Management in the Mega-City: the case of Delhi'

·Cerys Jones 'Extreme weather in Wales'

· Katherine Phillips 'Local Planning and Climate Change in Wales'

· Kate Stewart 'Gender and the Transition Culture Movement'











 Wave power demonstration at the Centre for Alternative Technology, 2005.