Research Interests                                         

Mark's research focuses upon the links between geography, philosophy and environmental politics. In this context he is concerned with the multiple intersections which exist between the discipline of  geography and environmental study. At one level Mark's research has focused on interpreting environmental spaces like sustainable neighbourhoods,  green cities and  ecological regions from an explicitly geographical perspective. Related work has, however, also explored the history of geographical interest in the relationship between nature and society - from early work on cultural landscapes and ecological regions, to more contemporary analyses of cyborg geographies and environmental discourse. While exploring the links between geography and environmental study Mark draws on the work of prominent geographers (including David Harvey, Neil Smith, Eric Swyngedouw), and environmental theorists (William Cronon, Donna Haraway, Bruno Latour). Ultimately Mark's research is concerned with the ways in which geography can help inform a reinvented environmental politics which has greater relevance to peoples' everyday lives and spaces of existence. 

Mark has explored the links between geography, politics and the environment through a series of inter-related projects. These are outlined below:

Mining Memories: social and environmental past at industrial heritage sites.(Arts and Humanities Research Council, 137,356). Co-Investigator with Gareth Hoskins.

Climate Change Consortium Wales (Welsh Assembly Government and Higher Education Funding Council for Wales, 933,000) (2009-2014) Manager of the Human Dimensions Research Cluster at Aberystwyth University).

The Time-Spaces of Soft Paternalism in the UK (Leverhulme Trust, 109,000) (2008-2011) Primary Investigator with Rhys Jones AU.

Comparing Metropolitan Governance in Transatlantic Perspective: Toronto, Montreal, Paris and Frankfurt (The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Canada) (2007-2009) Project Collaborator in association with the City Institute, York University, Toronto.

Policing the Skies: Environmental Governmentality, State Science and the British Atmosphere (Arts and Humanities Research Council, 24,601) (2008) Primary Investigator.

Producing Spaces of Urban Nature: Analysing the Political Ecologies of Scale in the Birmingham and Toronto City Regions (British Academy, 7,458) (2007-2008) Primary Investigator with Roger Keil (York University, Toronto).

National Institute of Regional and Spatial Analysis (Ireland) (2006) Fellowship Award (1000 Euros).The Dance of the Carbon Atom (University of Wales, Aberystwyth Research Fund, 3,750) (2004-2005) Primary Investigator.

Nature, political transition and the socialist city: the environmental politics of Katowice (Stalinogrod) 1945-2000 (Royal Geographical Society's HSBC Small Grant Programme and the Gordon Foundation, 1,600) (2002-2003) Primary Investigator

 Planning and Health in Wales (Welsh Assembly Government, 90,000) (2002-2003) Co-investigator with Professor Mark Goodwin and CREH.

Health Partnership Scoping Study: Powys and Ceredigion (Powys Health Alliance) (2001)  (8,000) Co-investigator with Professor Mark Goodwin.