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I'm a senior lecturer in computer science who started at Aberystwyth University in October 2010. My research area is applied computer vision, and the thing I am currently quite excited by is that I've got a robot submarine (Autumn 2020). Due to COVID I don't yet know how to switch it on though.

You can find out a bit more about my research interests on the research page, and find links to my published articles on the publications page, stuff about outreach on the schools page, and stuff about the BCS - mostly BCSWomen on the bcs & bcswomen page.



Before Aberystwyth, I did a one year post doc position working in Grenoble (in the French alps), and before that I did a 3 year post doc in Leeds, and before that 6 months in Kingston upon Thames. My PhD is in computing (specifically computer vision/AI, supervised by Professor David Hogg). Before the PhD I was a teaching fellow at the University of Leeds teaching IT and computing to non-computing students, and during this time I got a teaching qualification (PGCLTHE, 2001). My masters is in Philosophy (1998), and my BSc is in Cognitive Science (1996) also from the University of Leeds.

I'm active in the BCS - and you can find more information about these activities on the BCS & BCSWomen page. The thing I'm most proud of is setting up the BCSWomen Undergraduate Lovelace Colloquium, a national one-day conference for women students of computing.

To my immense surprise I featured on the first computer weekly influential women in IT list (2014, ranked #15) and to my even greater surprise I have received a few more awards and rankings for women in tech stuff since.

I enjoy teaching and take it seriously, trying to make my teaching innovative and engaging, and have received a few teaching awards:

Contact details

Hannah Dee

Senior Lecturer

Computer Science,
Aberystwyth University,
SY23 3DB

Telephone: 01970 621577

Office: E44 Llandinam building
(Top floor, same building as Computer Science reception)


You can find me in various places on the web, including , , and .